Mu (Liminal Spaces)

I seem to have an obsession with ‘dichotomies’. In particular I feel a need to understand and explore the tensions that arise from the juxtaposition of seemingly opposing elements (e.g., life/death, good/evil, black/white, or my personal favorite: science/art).  Having moved every couple of years during my formative years, I have been left with a sense of belonging neither ‘there’ nor ‘here’, with a sense of looking in at life from the outside. 

As an artistic outlet for exploring these feelings, I have found a kindred spirit in photography. When considering black & white photos, for instance, it is the very tension between opposites - the interplay between tonal values - that makes a photograph. Resolution becomes, not an elimination of tension, but a dynamic interplay such that opposition is turned into cooperation. It is that sense of dynamic resolution that I seek in my life and my photography.

Liminal Spaces are places where boundaries dissolve. They are regions of ambiguity, of marginal and transitional states. They represent a state of ‘in-between’, where the dichotomies of everyday life can be examined in a new light. I am fascinated with these ‘dichotomies’ - how our perceptions of them affect our lives -  and how visual metaphors can illuminate (perhaps change) our perception.

This project is a collaborative effort between myself and my favorite model, my daughter Morgan. In this work we explore various environments that can be considered ‘liminal’. We discuss our reactions and then photograph the scenes in such a way as to reflect those emotional responses. Thus, these photographs are not so much about the spaces themselves (as objects) but about the ideas/feelings they generate and the visual metaphors that emerge.

© Greg Klassen 2017