Photographing the inner landscape

I imagine myself in a dark room facing a two-way mirror. 

My camera is set up to shoot whatever I see through 

the glass. In the room is a single candle providing faint 

illumination and casting a ‘reflection’ on the glass. The 

camera catches both the external image and the inner 

reflection. It helps me see inward as well as outward.


Having moved around much of my life and grown up in many different cultural environments, I have developed a profound interest in the connected themes of duality and liminality as well as questions of identity. I am fascinated with how visual metaphor can illuminate (perhaps change) perception. 

It has become crucial to my development as an artist to not just ‘advance’ my practice, but to ‘understand’ why my art practice is developing the way it is and what that means in the larger context of the contemporary art world. That need to understand has informed my artistic expression at every step of the way. Exploring the social dimensions of identity, ‘self-formation’ has become an important central theme for my artistic exploration.

My recent practice leans heavily toward “constructed” photographs. This approach on the one hand contributes to challenging both my own preconceptions and those of the established traditions associated with “purist” photography. But, more importantly, it provides the material basis for my exploration of the themes of duality/liminality and the embodiment of empathy and notions of ‘self’ in my work.

© Greg Klassen 2017